With everything that is going on right now we would agree that prayer is of the utmost importance. As believers we need to cry out to our God for peace, comfort, healing, and guidance. With that in mind I am organizing 96hrs. of prayer. This will be 4 days of continuous prayer beginning at midnight on March 18th and ending March 21st at midnight. I realize this is a ambitious goal and I need your commitment and help ! I am asking that you all sign up and commit to at least ½ hr. of prayer time each day. If you click on the link below you will find a sign up sheet with all the available times. Sign up for 1 slot or as many as you want to and can commit to and pray from home. (Bob J.)

Thank you all for your commitment to 96 hrs of prayer !

If you need suggestions some are below, but these are only suggestions. Pray as you are led.

If you can't seem to find words don't just skip your time. Simply remember Romans 8:26-27 and be still before your God.

Day 1 … pray for your family, friends, and neighbors as they face their own personal challenges in the coming weeks. Pray that they will find peace and seek God among the chaos.

Day 2 … pray and ask God to guide His church and ask that He show us how to rise up and be a beacon during this difficult time. Ask God to reveal to you what you should be doing right NOW.

Day 3 … pray for all of our medical professionals , first responders and government leaders.

Day 4 ... pray for all church leaders and each other.

Again, these are only suggestions … Pray as you are led. Listen to God. Share the experience !