We are looking for Legos to use in our classrooms and at special events. If you have Legos that you would be willing to donate, please see Elizabeth.

What's Happening in Junior Church:

This quarter we are discovering how Paul took the gospel throughout the Roman Empire and the church grew. In the Great Commission, Jesus commanded His followers to make disciples of all nations. Early church leaders made disciples by sharing the gospel, baptizing new believers, and teaching them to obey Jesus.

What's Happening in Sunday School:

This quarter, we are learning about people who followed Jesus, how Jesus rose from the dead and is now alive, and how the Bible is God's Word. Featured stories include Jesus choosing His disciples, Jesus giving the Great Commission, God giving the Commandments, and more.

Bible Book Challenge:

All kids 5th grade and below are going to be challenged to memorize the books of the Bible. We will focus on the New Testament now through the end of May. We are going to work on this in Junior Church, but you are welcome and encouraged to work on this at home too! Below are links to some songs that you might find helpful. All students who memorize the books will receive a small prize! 

Way to go Emily H, Lydia H, Zac K and Christy for memorizing the books of the New Testament!

Way to go Krista O and Vinson O for memorizing the books of the New Testament! 

 Way to go Hudson W for memorizing the books of the New Testament! 

Way to go Jenna C for memorizing all of the books of the Bible!

Books of the Bible (Old & New Testament)

The Books of the Bible (Old & New Testament)

New Testament Books of the Bible (New Testament only)

Shine on Me (Old & New Testament)

Round Lake Christian Camp:

Be sure to check out Round Lake's website for all of the camp opportunities this summer. There is something for all kids entering 1st grade and up.  OCC will pay half of the tuition if you use this code: (contact Church for the code).  Invite your friends to go along too! Also, be sure to check with other OCC families who might be sending their kids to camp. We can send OCC kids the same days so they will see familiar faces! If you're not sure who that might be, see Elizabeth and she will connect you!